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The Long Road or the Short Walk?
The Long Road or the Short Walk
Late at night,
You'd whisper,
"Little bird,
Don't shed a tear.
Don't worry,
Cause when you wake up,
I promise that I'll still be here."-
With empty words,
You swore-
You held me up so high.
Oh, but don't worry,
My darling
I didn't fall,
I just learned how to fly-
It's a long road,
To nowhere-
But I can see that you're already there.
It's just a short walk though,
To crazy-
And I plan on taking you with me.
Now this may be my stairway to heaven,
Or the highway straight down to hell!
Whether I'm falling,
Or I'm rising up,
Sometimes I just can't tell!
All I know is time that you changed your ways,
So say your prayers,
If you think god might hear!
But don't cry now
That it's it's judgment day,
Cause I'll just whisper in your ear-
So no more playing games,
Don't go dropping names,
I don't care who you think you are,
Or who you say you know,
And baby,
You're a fool-
If you think I give a damn about you.
Yes baby,
You're a fool-
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 1 0
Space :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 0 0 untitled :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 0 0
Look Deeper
Cool as sand once night falls
With a voice as beautiful as the stars-
You always smile while singing
Another sad song,
Played on your. sister's guitar
You put on such a happy face-
But when the lights are cut,
I see-
It's just another mask you're wearing,
So that you can. never- be free-
You always stand in the storm.
Longing for comfort,
But the wind can't keep you warm-
So you tore- out your heart,
And you hung it in the sky,
But you still wait for the rain,
So that no one will see you cry.
A minute,
An hour,
A whole day,
You just
Let the moments slip away-
Chasing daydreams,
Turned to nightmares,
Running from the terrors of your mind,
So much left to build up inside,
Is it pride that you can't leave it behind?
You always stand in the eye of the storm.
Longing for comfort,
But the wind can't keep you warm-
So you tore- out your heart,
And you hung it in the sky,
But you still wait for the rain,
So that no one will see you cry!-
Oh you.
Lye awake-
How much.
Can you take,-
Before there
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 2 0
Choose the end
A rose left on a throne of thorns,
Her flower yet to bloom.
The path to her awakening spells
Both salvation,
And utter doom.
The prince who’d free her from the vines,
Binding tighter than iron chains,
Is trapped within a tower,
Where after ten years,
He still remains.
Strong enough to remake the world,
Yet fragile enough to break within,
Our wayward rose on her thorn built throne,
Has to find where all things end,
In order to begin.
She will follow the river of dreams,
Whose sighs and aching screams,
Cut deeper than any knife,
In order to find
The tree of sorrows,
The flower of joy,
And lastly,
The seed of life.
Heaven’s suffering,
Or The Devil’s bliss?
All will be decided,
With a single kiss.
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 1 0
Sun flower :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 1 0 feather of the angels :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 0 0
Mature content
Lust :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 0 3
Bitter lies
Color me,
Color me in red-
For every single time I've wished you dead-
Dye me,
Oh dye me in blue-
Cause I'm so sad without you-
Paint me,
Paint me in black-
So I can try to take my love back!-
But draw me,
Draw me in white-
For I'm just a shell-
Of myself-
In the night-
Go on now but-
You can't change me,
You can't change me,
So don't even try-
Cause I know that
Hope is life's sweetest poison-
And love,
Just a bitter lie!-
Go on now but,
You can't change me,
You can't change me!
It don't matter,
Caus in the end-
I'm still too scared to forget you,
But too brave to keep on waiting!-
Carve my heart,
Oh carve it out of stone-
So that I'll be strong enough to stand on my own-
Cast my eyes,
Oh cast them in steel-
So I can forget all the pain I feel!-
Mold my soul out of clay-
So I can wash everything away!-
But please,
For my sake-
Don't pick up the pieces,
When I break!-
Go on now but-
You can't change me,
You can't change me,
So don't even try-
Cause I know that
Hope is
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 4 2
Tight Skinned
Do you ever get that feeling...
Like your skin is too tight,
Your body too hot,
And it hurts,
To breathe?
I scream at those times,
As loud as the silence lets me,
Bound head to toe in my own chain of promise,
Never to make a sound if I can hold myself back.
I have to keep my nails short,
Or else they'd gouge lines in my skin,
Tearing at my arms and shredding,
Through skin and muscle,
Until the bones were exposed.
They still tear at me though,
Slowly raking away layers of fragile skin,
Until the scabs break and bleed.
I might hold back some things,
But my lips burn with abuse,
Shouting at myself:
"You idiot!
How could you mess up?!
It's so easy for everyone to see,
That you can't do anything right.
Get off your sorry ass,
And show them what a screw up you are!
Why do you keep failing?!"
I choke on tears,
Shaking with silent sobs,
As I try to hide the bite marks,
Bruises bright and angry red,
Proof of how broken I am,
And all the more fuel for the fire.
My skin's far too tight,
Scabs bro
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 1 0
Shadows and Light
I am only defending my home,
Thought the soldiers,
As they let the bomb fall,
Then fly away from the burning city,
Where their enemies' families lived.
I am only enjoying myself,
Thought the father,
As he walked out of his daughters room,
Her body still racked with sobs,
Mind reeling from the night's terror.
I am only doing what I must,
Thought the vigilante,
Wiping his gun clean,
Backing away from the gangster's corpse,
Still clutching the ring he would've given his wife.
I am only saving myself,
Thought the crash survivor,
Running from the accident,
Friend still screaming in the back seat,
Calling for help that would never come in time.
I am only being human,
Thought the hunter,
Taking aim,
Hitting dead between his prey's eyes,
Watching the man's body fall with a smile.
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 2 2
I am Human
I am ape,
And I must march into the tide of evolution.
Tendrils of gray mist swirl around me.
The further I step away from the past:
Forest greens,
Blue skies,
Rich earth,
This Elegant simplicity,
The more I change.
My limbs thin out,
Becoming long and clumsy.
My spine straightens,
Pulling me up from the ground.
My fur falls away,
Until only hair remains on my head.
My forhead unwrinkles,
Becoming smooth.
My nose changes,
Going outwards to a short point,
Pulling my cheek bones higher.
My paws become hands and feet,
Fingers long an spindly,
Toes short like stubs.
I can reason,
I can think,
I can build,
I am human...
And now I have a choice:
Go deeper into the darkness,
Or go back towards the light?
Some of me turns away,
Becoming good and righteous,
Some of me stays behind,
Indecisively neither devil or angel,
But one sliver walks deeper into the shadow.
Slowly marching forward,
They turned their smiles into twisted things,
Their words into knives,
And imagined they controlled the darkn
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 4 0
Stand Up
Bottle my heart,
Use it as ink.
Don't push me over the edge,
I'll drag you off the brink.
I'm young,
And I'm loud,
And got plenty to say.
I'll keep shouting,
Till you listen,
I'm through running away!
They say they're dominant,
We are the people of humanity.
This world's lost,
Caught up in the jaws of insanity.
The snake might be big,
But we can still fight.
Sparks keep on flying,
So it's time to ignite!
The young are strong,
The old have a voice.
Lets remind them all,
That this is still OUR choice!
Stone me,
Break me,
Buy you'll never take me,
I will keep on fighting,
My will to survive.
Worse than I've ever seen,
Do they really understand,
What our rights even mean?
And tell me the truth,
About the NDAA.
Shouldn't everyone get their rights,
In the USA?
WE were built on freedom,
But now,
All we care about is power.
Those on high,
Signing papers,
Getting richer,
By the HOUR!
Those on the bottom,
Made out of skin and BONE.
Not a job in sight,
So a shelter's
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 11 2
Beauty in, Pretty out
I'm changing the quote,
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
It should say,
"Pretty is to the eye,
but Beauty is a light,
born from your heart and soul."
Now some call that light faith,
Some say it is the soul,
but I call it beauty.
Why? Because:
It takes beauty
To pull yourself away from the person you love,
Who will probably kill you if you don't.
It takes beauty
To hold onto someone you don't even like,
While they empty out their tears.
It takes beauty
To walk into a gun fight blind,
While someone covers your back.
It takes beauty
To wake up in the morning,
When it's time to go to your third job.
It takes beauty
To tell the someone you're pregnant,
While you're both in high school.
It takes beauty
To stand up for your best friend,
When you know you'll get beaten up for it.
Beauty is so much more than skin:
It's love,
And a thousand other things.
After all that,
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 2 3
War Path
You'd almost found- somewhere,
To- belong.
But your heart-
Just couldn't- be- strong.
And all the tears- left.
On your windowsill.
From the pain-
Only you- and the sky- feel.
It's not real.
Calling it a lie-
When as the rain falls,
You and the sky cry-
Forget the sins of yesterday,
Wash all the past's pain away.
As I run this road alone.
(2x)Eyes made of steel,
Heart made of stone-
There should be a lock,
On such bad dreams-
And love,
So-much darker- than it seems-
Above all the noise,
We hear it echo and rebound-
Your silent plea,
Shaking the ground-
Your song-
Not lost among the sound-
Sweet memory-
Forget the sins of yesterday,
Wash all the past's- pain away.
As I run this road alone.
(2x)Eyes made of steel,
Heart made of stone-
You run,
Beneath the sky-
And as the rain falls,
(2x)You both cry-
From sand to sea-
From shore to shore-
You shout,
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 0 0
Wild Horse
Flying just above the ground,
Seeming never to touch the earth.
I am the wind,
Flowing free as time.
You may try to tame me,
But my spirit is strong
Burning as the phoenix,
I will not be broken.
Dark as midnight,
With stars across my back,
I am a blur,
Seen just long enough for you to gasp.
Onyx and diamond are not enough,
No amount shall equal my worth.
On my ancestor's backs you built the world,
And on mine you will see its splendor.
I am made of stars and midnight,
Worth more than onyx and diamonds,
Strong and wise as time infernal,
Fast and free as the wind eternal,
Spirit burning as the phoenix.
I can not be tamed,
For I am the spirit of nature.
No man can hold me down,
For I am a wild horse.
:iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 1 0


Nature's will
A cool breeze sweeps across my face, gently stroking my cheeks, a light shade of pink from my fragile immunity to cold. The slight drizzle that had just ceased brought along with her a cool night, a luxury to the residents of the eternal summer of Malaysia. Yet I, an unnaturally weak figure to cold, find myself pushing my hands deeper into my coat pockets. I look up into the starless night, looking for the moon so that she can be 'it'. I figured she wouldn't be coming out soon, so I quit in our little game of hide-and-seek and move on. I walk under the faint, orange glows of street lamps, paying extra attention to the intricate architecture of a random terrace house I just passed by, no doubt owned by someone richer than the average person here in this sleepy town of Ipoh.  As I move further on, I see a plane flying by. With the usual series of red blinks, I deduce it will be landing soon. For the fun of it, I stand straight and salute, silently congratulating them on their s
:iconsakuraigetsumori77:SakuraiGetsumori77 4 2
Eye - Work in progress :iconmariart91:MariArt91 9,589 953
I do recall my first home.
It was...
No word that had clamorous onomatopoeia,
just ______.
Wait...I do remember
Amidst walls of gray and white
that so resembled that of my grandparents'
family photos:
Ah! But Mnemosyne's album
had shown me
on the middle                 stood                           a lamp.
It flickered in frail, a
bright ember torch 'twas.
Did I make it aglow with brilliance?
Well,  it
just there.
Why did I leave? Well, I happened to
pick up a             paper that said
A hand, the next day,     
:iconh-tagi:H-Tagi 1 2
Death's Favourite Pet- Chapter One
He sat beneath her open window plucking the strings of his harp with delicate fingers. The tune he conjured was as mournful as the first time she had heard him play. As she lay in bed with closed eyes his music consumed her. She drifted in and out of consciousness- coaxed by his lullaby. She wasn't sure how long he planned on haunting her every step- following her through the city- appearing miraculously when needed, but when nightfall came she savoured his presence hoping dearly that he would still be there like a second shadow come morning.
Her parents worried for her sanity. Too often they over heard her whispering to him but to them he didn't exist- to them it was like she were talking to herself, saying strange and peculiar things. Sighing she turned over and buried her face in her pillow. She didn't know what to do. She felt selfish and afraid. She knew he wouldn't leave unless it was with her by his side and though she fought the idea of it he still waited patiently, determined
:iconblissfully1sided:Blissfully1sided 3 7
Death's Favourite Pet
PROLOGUE (Please press next in Gallery for Chapter one)
Death cradled the small infant in his arms. His features were delicate and beautiful, but never before had death ever looked into a pair of eyes so startling. They were the most peculiar shade of green he had ever seen. The witch doctor crawled on her knees to where he sat near the blazing fire. She murmured softly in the ancient language- blessing the child. The baby squirmed in death's embrace as an unearthly glow developed around the three of them. It shone bright like a soundless explosion before dying away just as quickly.
"You will keep him safe," said death. "No one is to know where it is he is hidden. Can you promise me that?"
Lovingly the witch doctor stroked his weathered cheek. Death turned away from the striking gaze of the child to stare gravely into the eyes of the woman before him. Her expression was that of anguish but she nodded mutely.
"I will come for him when the time is right, but no sooner."
The witch doctor
:iconblissfully1sided:Blissfully1sided 1 5
Homework Halfheartedly
Homework Half-Heartedly
A cold, blue Friday morning, I had to start homework
because it was the first week.
In front of me, a used yet still placed-together
World history book.
Flap!    Of a page. Here I was in the Italian Renaissance,
E      Y       E S
Instead, I smell
the chemical odor of paint and colorful pages?
I see
an Italian with auburn hair with a curly tip
painting a rabbit with improved artistry
claiming "Pasta!"-
Flap! I skip     to the Tokugawa Shogunate and the
of the Ming ang Qing: Again I
read.... slowly....and.... half-heartedly....
A still Shamisen;
PLUCK-Pling...there were colors of ruby and gold bedecked with jade statues,
a boy donned in navy kimono
bowed to /
a man in red Chin
:iconh-tagi:H-Tagi 4 10
My hands were full of fury,
Full of forgetting my shadow,
Snatch a dead fruit:
My heart.
I pronounce my soul at the crater of fire!
And make the grave a bed that I welcome into the day.
But my feet that carry insolent
The water of Lethe, ironic [...]
                                                      The scene.
The wind whistles in a light delicate murmur
That enters my ear, that rises to my mind,
Injects the word, the idea that flowers.
The entire area that imprisons us,
We call planet, a home for
Leprosy, a secretive spot,
On the sky that is falling apart and
  It becomes the arena for a funeral.
And is that on an infinity of stars
How light tinkling drops of light
That timidly off in my eyes.
Now lying li
:iconlupus-aker:Lupus-aker 1 2
Construction of Eden
Mother nature wasn't the best,
Neither was she the worst;
She fought father time a lot,
And always held a curse.
The industry murders her menagerie.
Pull her thorns in misogyny.
Translates her legitimate rage with,
"You're crazy."
A furious mother cannot backhand the fist,
That festers beneath the soil.
Fertilized with awful slurs,
Rooted in man's word.
So loyal.
He feels quite vilified,
Every single time,
Mother's glance at his romance,
Pasts to weed her prime.
She guts every syndicate with
Their invertebrate arguments.
Insult the spines and wrinkled lines
Of every kind of woman.
:iconhappyholic:happyholic 2 2
i only asked for the end of the world
"i found shadows in the sun again,"
i looked at her
with a gleam of sarcasm in my eyes,
as she looked down with wind in her hair.
the night looked lovely on her.
the purple of post-nebula progression
it made her eyes look electric blue
though they were a soft green.
"i said, i found shadows on the sun again."
she'd never look up unless
she couldn't breathe and needed
to pull a sigh out of her butterfly winged lungs.
and that bothered me;
                - she'd refuse to breathe
                only because the air seemed
        she'd give up so easily sometimes.
i run out of pretty things to say
but she looks at me expectantly,
hoping i'll find my muse
within the corner of he
:iconyour-methamphetamine:your-methamphetamine 65 55
Skeleton :iconaiumia:Aiumia 627 143
Our Demand Chapter 2
I awoke with a throbbing pain erupting in my skull to find myself in, what looked like, an interrogation room. I tried to move to grasp the throbbing pain in my head, but something was holding down my limbs. I opened my mouth to scream my siblings' names, but not a sound came out. I gazed up at the ceiling, tears welling up in my eyes. Where am I? Where are Bryan and Sophia? I want to go home! I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping that this was just a terrible nightmare.
I slowly opened my eyes again: it wasn't.
I heard something stir next to me, and, startled, I turned my head, expecting the worst.
"A-Ali? Are you there?" called the terrified voice of Sophia. Okay, I didn't exactly expect that.
"Y-yeah, that you, Soph?" I called back in a whisper into the darkness.
"Mmm-hmm," was all I heard in response, then I heard a groan from the other side of me and I turned my head to face the new presence.
"H-hey, Ali, Soph, are you there?" came the rough voice of my brother.
Both Sophia and I let ou
:iconmewkimikochan:mewkimikochan 1 0
How Could You? :iconmewkimikochan:mewkimikochan 33 34 Can I has dis :iconeliseenchanted:EliseEnchanted 2,536 267 dollhouse miniature swan cream puff 2 :iconpetitecreation:PetiteCreation 1,732 174


Stitch me Closed :iconargentum-silva:Argentum-Silva 5 18 Ember :iconanndr:anndr 2,982 94 Unconquered castle :iconanndr:anndr 3,916 174 Bloody tears for a blind man :iconanndr:anndr 4,277 163 His Angel, Her Demon :iconhymniia:Hymniia 60 19





This definitely has the feel you were going for. I'm really inpressed with the detail you put into the back ground, along with the way ...


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Friend: you'll never find one more loyal and willing to be in your corner if you need someone there. Just note that I can get a little over protective so tell me when to back off. someone looking to make trouble: Watch out, I have no problem fighting back and I pull no punches. Mess with me (or worse, go after my friends) and you WILL find yourselves kicked off the site if I have to make a complaint everyday to make it happen. Other: I'm always open to making new friends, so feel free :D.


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